Laws and Rules for participants at the Reptile Fair:

  • No liquor or tobacco is allowed in the hall.
  • Skade på bygning og inventar skal erstattes af skadevolder.
  • It is does not are allowed to bring animals that under Danish law are prohibited from selling / keeping.
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor / seller to have knowledge of and to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the animals, plants and accessories brought to the fair.
  • Animals shall not be exhibited / sold subject to Annex A to the Ministry of Environment and Energy Order no. 499 of 27 May 1997 on the Protection of Wild Animals and Plants in Control of Trade (Washington Convention / Cites) without there being obtained permission from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency.
  • Der må ikke ske nogen form for salg til børn under 16 år som ikke er sammen med en voksen.
  • Enhver der har en stand på denne messe har selv det fulde ansvar for de dyr der bliver udstillet/solgt på standen uanset ejerforholdet. De dyr der ikke længere er tilknyttet stande (dvs. er blevet solgt/overdraget) har den nye ejer det fulde ansvar for.
  • As far as possible, the animals should not be taken out and handled. If this occurs it is the responsibility of the exhibitor / seller.
  • In the sale or transfer of animals, must der medfølge en vejledning i dyrenes rette pasning ( Pasningsvejledning).

Laws and Regulations on animal storage during the fair:

  • The animals must be in flight-proof terrariums or boxes.
  • Dyrene må ikke fylde mere end 1/3 af deres salgs/udstiller boks.
  • For dyr der medbringes på Reptilmessen gælder at dyrenes individuelle temperatur, vand og foderkrav skal opfyldes.

For terrariums / aquariums / cages for animals at the Reptile Fair:

  • that they comply with a reasonable standard of hygiene.
  • that they are not overcrowded.
  • that there are no sharp or pointed objects inside, tape or any other device that can harm the animals.
  • that the size and arrangement is appropriate for the animals and their behavioral requirements.

Appropriate design means that:

  • The animals can stand / lie in natural position.
  • Species that need bathing opportunities must have a flat bowl, basin, or water.
  • Excavating species must have appropriate excavation options.
  • Sky species should have the opportunity to seek camouflage or partial hiding.

Paddle larvae and neotene salamanders (= adult larvae) must have either air supply via airstone,

circulation of water or frequent water change