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Remember… when you come to order confirmation you can write about special requests regarding placement, however, no guarantee of placement is given.

However, I will do what I can to fulfill your desire.

You are also very welcome to use ours "Buy sale" page where you have the opportunity to advertise and boost your products just before the fair.

The tables are 2 x 1 meter.

1-3 meters gives 1 bracelet.
4-8 meters gives 2 bracelets.
9-13 meters gives 3 bracelets.
14-18 meters gives 4 bracelets.
19 meters and over 5 bracelets.

Extra bracelets can of course be ordered and cost 85, - pcs.

If you have animals with no need to thermoregulate, you can apply for an exemption from the heat requirement by typing which animal (s) in the field.


Laws and Rules for participants at the Reptile Fair:

  • No liquor or tobacco is allowed in the hall.
  • Damage to building and fixtures must be replaced.
  • If electricity is needed, even extension cables are brought.
  • It is does not are allowed to bring animals that under Danish law are prohibited from selling / keeping.
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor / seller to have knowledge of and to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the animals, plants and accessories brought to the fair.
  • Animals shall not be exhibited / sold subject to Annex A to the Ministry of Environment and Energy Order no. 499 of 27 May 1997 on the Protection of Wild Animals and Plants in Control of Trade (Washington Convention / Cites) without there being obtained permission from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency.
  • No sale may be made to children under 16 years of age.
  • Anyone who has a booth at this booth has full responsibility for the animals that are exhibited / sold at the booth regardless of the ownership. The animals that are no longer associated with stands (ie have been sold / handed over) have full responsibility for the owner.
  • As far as possible, the animals should not be taken out and handled. If this occurs it is the responsibility of the exhibitor / seller.
  • In the sale or transfer of animals, must provided with guidance on the proper care and storage of the animals.


Laws and Regulations on animal storage during the fair:

  • The animals must be in flight-proof terrariums or boxes.
  • For animals brought to the Reptile Fair, the individual temperature, water and feed requirements of the animals must be met.

For terrariums / aquariums / cages for animals at the Reptile Fair:

  • that they comply with a reasonable standard of hygiene.
  • that they are not overcrowded.
  • that there are no sharp or pointed objects inside, tape or any other device that can harm the animals.
  • that the size and arrangement is appropriate for the animals and their behavioral requirements.

Appropriate design means that:

  • The animals can stand / lie in natural position.
  • Species that need bathing opportunities must have a flat bowl, basin, or water.
  • Excavating species must have appropriate excavation options.
  • Climbing species must be able to climb.
  • Sky species should have the opportunity to seek camouflage or partial hiding.

Paddle larvae and neotene salamanders (= adult larvae) must have either air supply via airstone,

circulation of water or frequent water change